we offer our floral design services in a very specific way:

we source our flowers from the michigan flower growers cooperativeof which pot + box founder and creative director lisa waud is a third year board member. we believe in supporting the slow flower movement, and we offer the most beautiful of the seasonal flowers and foliage. when we can’t source locally-grown flowers, we source from american flower farms. in any case, we’ll always be able to tell you who grew your flowers.

please keep in mind, when communicating with us about your event: we can work with your general color PALETTE, but we do not take special requests for certain flower types; we are inspired by the current season and rely on lisa’s experienced eye selecting and designing local flowers.

if you follow our work and trust us to bring the very best, we’re your florist.
if you want to support local flower farmers, we’re your florist.
we can work with your budget, and chances are we’ve been to your venue.

please contact us to see if we would be a good fit for your wedding or event: