lisa waud

founder + creative director lisa waud
pot + box founder lisa waud has been enthusiastically steering the horticultural goings-on of pot + box since founding the business over eleven years ago. she’s been arranging flowers in the soil & in the vase for 22 years—from the volcanic slopes of hawaii, the clay garden beds of the pacific northwest, and across the great [lakes] state of michigan.

in lisa’s words: "i love to work with flowers blooming now and nearby, soaking in intoxicating hues, unexpected fragrance, the abundance of seasonality. i thrive on the uncommon and unexpected, applauding a determined weed growing out of a brick wall, the unusual variegation pattern on a peony’s petal, a tattooed bride’s arms cradling a delicate bouquet. i excel when tasked with realizing the visions of my clients, arranging stems to suit the celebration, bringing event decor ideas to life, always striving for the breathtaking gasp of elation."

lisa lives in detroit, and when she’s not playing with flowers, you can find her scheming up field trips with her giant dog zero or planning explorations in other inspirational cities.

lisa is also the creator of detroit flower week and flower house, a floral art installation in 2015, which you can learn more about here, in a video from our friends at martha stewart: 

katherine yates

general manager katherine yates
katherine has been with pot + box since 2008, designing event flowers and installations, and managing the ann arbor branch until it’s consolidation to detroit in 2015. her formal education is in natural science and education. she gathers her inspiration from the natural world with all the beauty and chaos it holds. within her arrangements she blends varieties of shapes, colors and textures into flowing designs.

fun facts: katherine has participated in several catch and release programs on birds and butterflies including the endangered butterfly species, mitchell’s satyr. multiple times she posed as a sick patient as a learning exercise for medical students. she goes yurt camping over new years.
and she loves scarves, bags, and cats, maybe a little too much. 

guilty pleasure: katherine has way too many rugs and curtains in her house but can’t stop accumulating them. 

rebecca mcmurray

special agent rebecca mcmurray

with a bachelor's degree in economics, but a preference for plants, rebecca is an accountant-turned-aspiring-plant-lady. you will find her hanging out in the store slinging houseplants or helping out with the excel sheets. on weekends, she prefers to be at the beach or in the woods, but if not outdoors, she is scouring cookbooks, planning meals, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. 

fun fact: rebecca and her siblings used to sleep in a tree house growing up and kept track of the number of nights slept there each year. the record one year was 180 days. In northern michigan, hats and wool socks were a necessity!

guilty pleasure: the perfect loaf of sourdough bread - a crisp crust, the right amount of crumb, and the tangy sourness that comes from a long rest.