lisa waud, founder + creative director   years at pot + box: all of ‘em  loves: honey, stand-up comedy, the sunday ny times, her giant dog zero  guilty pleasure: spontaneous flights to anywhere  [for more information,  visit the media inquiries page ]
  katherine yates, general manager   years at pot + box: 11  loves: nature, scarves, cats, michael jackson, yurt camping on new year’s eve  guilty pleasure: rugs
  rebecca mcmurray: marketing manager   years with pot + box: pushin’ 2  loves: the beach and the woods, cookbooks with photos, her dog seger  guilty pleasure: the perfect loaf of sourdough—crisp, crumb, tangy!
  michelle mccoskey   years with pot + box: 1  loves: natural dyeing with  color wheel , field guides, ghost stories, and opal, her rescued cockatiel  guilty pleasure: cookies of all kinds, the woodwright's shop
  megan kelley   years with pot + box: (a little less than) 1 year  loves: tea, cats, art, spending time in nature  guilty pleasure: incapable of turning down sweets
  rachel bush   years with pot + box: 0.5  loves: bumblebees, conservatories, nut butter, rock climbing  guilty pleasure: traveling in search of quality coffee, cheese, and chocolate
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