send flowers

the "i need both hands to carry this!" arrangement


there's a certain kind of blush we see on faces when we show up with this arrangement. but don't worry, we can do the heavy lifting if anyone needs help getting it to where is needs to be! we'll incorporate seasonal flowers and foliage in the classic pot and box style--pretty, interesting, unique, and frankly, when it comes to this arrangement, big! 

your flowers will arrive in a handmade vase from a local detroit artist, abigail murray, and we'll make a note of their info so the recipient knows they've got something special to hang onto. 

local and all-american flowers
pot & box is committed to sourcing the freshest seasonal and local flowers--from our own cutting gardens or from local flower farmers friends, and ALWAYS from american farms. plus, we're foam-free. we use clever, reusable/recyclable hardware instead of toxic, chemical-filled, never-to-decompose foam.

delivery details
we can accept orders for delivery as soon as tomorrow, or planned for a special date in the future. we cannot offer same-day delivery; your order will be refunded if you place it for today. *we DO NOT deliver on sunday or monday, if you order for delivery on these days, we’ll contact you to reschedule.

our flat rate for delivery is $35 in SE michigan within a 40 mile radius of p+b.. every delivery has its challenges for our drivers and a flat rate is the best solution for sending flowers out into the world with care.