"we can’t thank you enough for everything. you exceeded all our expectations. everything, the table arrangements and bouquets were exquisite. we all loved the special touches, the lavender and the greenery that made them unique and even more beautiful.  I have seen photos of weddings ceremonies performed in the same space as dave and alex’s and honestly, they kind of look like they were staged at a conference of some sort. your beautiful floral wall created a backdrop that was just breathtaking. of the photos I’ve seen so far, my favorite is a combination of three images of the ceremony in front of the mirror framed by your floral background. that’s the print I’m planning to order to frame. and finally, while it is standard for you, it jolted me a little that those gorgeous flowers were headed for a compost pile. we used them for the tables at the party the next day. then, taking my cue from you, I decided I needed my own compost pile and alex’s wedding flowers got it started this week."       

– martha h.

"I had a last minute wedding that needed flowers and such and lisa was so incredibly fun to work with. the flowers were PERFECT beyond my wildest wedding dreams. everything I have ordered from pot & box has been so meticulously put together and special. huge recommendation from this happy bride!"

– mary b. 

"I never write reviews but now I can't say that anymore as I am definitely writing this one!  I cold-called a few florists (I'm in California) and either I was rushed on the phone or calling in the morning the earliest the flowers would be delivered was the next day!  I loved the name pot & box so tried there next hoping I would feel the love and help I so desperately needed.  I received that BIG TIME from lisa.  anyway, in discussing wanting something different and not just a bunch of flowers stuck in a vase, an asian-flair design was born.  if a cell phone picture sent to me looked ever so beautiful than you know the real thing was even better.  I HIGHLY recommend this florist if you want inspiration, helpfulness, patience and they even designed and got the flowers to their destination in less than two hours!  I could go on and on but I was so pleased!!!"

– susan b.

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