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 photo by ee berger

photo by ee berger

lisa waud, founder and creative director

pot and box, founded and owned by lisa waud, is a detroit-based, woman-owned floral and plant design studio, located at the historic fisher building, and mobile by way of "scoopS", an ice-cream-truck-turned-flower-truck. 

lisa, a 2017 GOLDMAN SACHS 10,000 small businesses program grad, garnered international press coverage for flower house, and national press coverage for her community organizing efforts for detroit flower week and valentine's day market. 

lives and dies by these 3 things:

collab local farms and makers

sustainability commitment--thru the supply chain (studio, sourcing)

team is both empowered and part of open book business ops

lastly, heart, home, business stem from love of detroit

1. biz 2. me 3. detroit

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history of pot + box

cute timeline (downloadable)



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