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you schedule: botanical self care with alchemy

from 300.00

gather a group of 6-9 friends on a date you choose for a private botanical self care workshop with monique from alchemy slow living studio

chose from room mist, potted balm, or beginning blending (descriptions below). classes are held at pot + box in the fisher building and are a duration of 2 hours with social and shopping time before and after. 

each workshop is $50 per attendee and includes all materials, as well as treats from red hook and refreshments (guests are welcome to bring wine)

date and time will be scheduled with pot + box and alchemy upon registration. 

class descriptions:

alchemy slow living: room mist
we know that smell can trigger powerful memories. we can also flip that switch and use fragrance to calm, excite and elevate the mood. a quick conversation on the science and then we'll have a blending bar to create 3-5 of your own mood altering fragrance mists.

alchemy slow living: potted balm
is it a balm, a salve, a lotion? we'll make meaning of the words, and talk 'skin 101'. then use a basic recipe to create a custom potted balm to take home. choose from several plant-based additives that address the woes of winter skin. we will use bees wax from bees in the d to make our balm.

alchemy slow living: beginning blending
when we talk about fragrance we borrow the lyrical language of music... notes... accords. fragrance, like music has the power to transport us to places real and imagined. come ready  to play with scent. use pre-blended complex bits of fragrance, fresh single scents to create a blend for you or as a gift. 

# of students:
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beginning blending - Alchemy.JPG
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