an update from DC

remember d’real from @blackwithplants who i introduced you to in my letter in december? he’s opening a plant store and community space in DC’s union market! in his words:

w/ plants is a third-space, outfitted to promote curiosity, honor artifacts, and champion wellness by providing plant-based workshops, consulting services, in addition to being a resource for a selection of healthy plants, porous vessels, and direct access to plant-care specialists. Mission: demonstrate and cultivate habits of mind that aid the public in countering environmental and geopathic stress.

at pot + box, we discussed how to honor black history month and the staff chose to donate to the w/plants indiegogo fund. i hope you are in the position to do the same.


please join the detroit maker community this sunday for the 7th annual valentine's day market at the majestic theater.

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