about pot & box

our mission statement
pot & box is a friendly force of local creativity, utilizing floral design and horticultural decor to interact with its community; to enable its employees to live inspired lives; and to better its industry through sustainable practices, educational opportunities, and stellar aesthetics.

our initiatives:
local and all-american flowers
pot & box is committed to grow and source the freshest seasonal and local flowers--from our own cutting gardens or from local flower farmers friends, and ALWAYS from american farms. two things we love are to grow particular flowers especially for our clients and know the names of the farmers who grow flowers. then, our blooms more than just a pretty face. we are also foam-free, opting for hardware choices that are environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible. 

zero waste goal
even in our natural industry of floral design, packaging and other materials all-too-easily end up in landfills. we're focusing our sustainability efforts on the lofty goal of becoming zero waste. as we strive to reduce, we think you'll appreciate doing business with us even more. 

diverse and inclusive events
when we plan our community events--indie markets and educational offerings--we strive to represent our city's makers and residents with the vendors, designers, shoppers, and students we invite. if you have an idea of how we can strive better, please be in touch. 

meet lisa

photo by michelle and chris gerard

photo by michelle and chris gerard

pot & box founder lisa waud has been enthusiastically steering the horticultural goings-on of pot & box since founding the business ten years ago. she’s been arranging flowers in the soil & in the vase for 20 years now—from the volcanic slopes of hawaii, the clay garden beds of the pacific northwest, & across the great [lakes] state of michigan.

in lisa’s words: "i love to work with flowers blooming now and nearby, celebrating the richest hues, most fragrant blooms, the abundance of seasonality. i thrive on the uncommon and unexpected, applauding a determined weed growing out of a brick wall, the unusual variegation pattern on a peony’s petal, a tattooed bride’s arms cradling a delicate bouquet. i excel when tasked with realizing the visions of my clients, arranging stems to suit the celebration, bringing event decor ideas to life,  striving for the breathtaking gasp of elation."


lisa lives in detroit, and when she’s not playing with flowers, you can find her scheming up field trips with her dogs or planning explorations in other inspirational cities.

 lisa is also the creator of flower house, a floral art installation in 2015, which you can learn more about here, in a video from our friends at martha stewart: 



meet the team

maxine mccrann, lead floral designer
she maintains client relationships and designs at pot and box. 

her background is in environmental science, but her love of nature translated into bringing all the glory of mother nature to her native city of new york through freelance floral design, where natural beauty is few and far between. she started her own company, botanica, upon arriving in detroit, and found foraging in the city's beautiful fields to be a significant source of pleasure. after freelancing pot & box often, she decided she felt best when working among other talented designers and all of the creative people who work with us here.

fun fact: her once great fear of sharks morphed into an obsession with scuba diving amongst them in as many oceans as she can get to.

guilty pleasure: splurging on antique beads at the african bead museum here in detroit. some of them are over four hundred years old and are absolutely wonderful!