season's greetings

for this stunningly beautiful season,
we're excited to offer you fall floral arrangements + holiday pop ups. 
and, as always, if you have a horticultural idea,
we'd love to help you bring it to life. 

local and all-american flowers

pot & box is committed to grow and source the freshest seasonal and local flowers--from our own cutting gardens or from local flower farmers friends, and ALWAYS from american farms. two things we love are to grow particular flowers especially for our clients and know the names of the farmers who grow flowers. then, our blooms more than just a pretty face. 

we are also foam-free, opting for hardware choices that are environmentally- and socially- friendly. 


zero waste goal

even in our natural industry of floral design, packaging and other materials all-too-easily end up in landfills. we're focusing our sustainability efforts on the lofty goal of becoming zero waste. as we strive to reduce, we think you'll appreciate doing business with us even more.